"Welcome to the birthplace of MIRCE Science, a theory of the motion of functionable systems through MIRCE Space used for planning actions and resources needed for doing expected work.Dr J. Knezevic, Founder, 1999

Resource Centre

The MIRCE Akademy Resource Centre contains a comprehensive collection of texts and other media, which are available to Fellows, Members and the students. The rapidly growing collection is housed in following sections::

  • The Reference Collection, that consists of handbooks, directories, standards, bibliographies, guides, dictionaries, government and other official publications
  • The Blanchard Collection, which consists of Systems and Specialist Engineering and Management books, generously donated to the MIRCE Akademy by Emeritus Professor Benjamin Blanchard of Virginia Tech, USA.
  • The Gordon Collection, that consists of psychology and general science books, generously donated by the son and the daughter of late Dr Ian E. Gordon (1932 - 2015), Lecturer at Exeter University.
  • The Henshall Collection, that consists of material science and mechanics books, generously donated by Professor John Leslie Henshall, a Science Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy.
  • The Knezevic Collection, that consists of Mirce Mechanics related science, engineering and management books, generously donated by Dr Jezdimir Knezevic, the founder of the Akademy.
  • The Nicholas Collection, that consists of economics books, generously donated by Mr Clive Nicholas, the first Director of Operation of Mirce Science Ltd (from 2001 to 2010)
  • The Zienkiewicz Collection, that consists of fundamental books of mathematics and physics, generously donated by Anna Zee (daughter of late Dr H.K. Zienkiewicz).
  • The Paper Collection, which consists of the written papers donated to or published by the Akademy.
  • The Research Collection, that consists of Technical reports, Masters dissertations and Doctoral theses, Symposia and Conference Proceedings
  • The Journal and Periodicals Collection, that consists of a large number of leading International Publications, Annals, Periodicals and Journals
  • The Audio-Visual Collection, that consists of professional and technical videotapes, CD ROMs, DVD discs and other media
  • The Polly Vacher collection, which consists of the original data collecting documents generated by Polly during her the Round the World solo flight (2003-2004)