"MIRCE Science is a theory of the motion of working systems through MIRCE Space, caused by any functionability action whatsoever, used for Managing In-service Reliability, Cost & Effectiveness. Dr J. Knezevic, 1999

 The Constitution of the MIRCE Akademy

Article 1:
The MIRCE Akademy (hereafter the Akademy) is a division of Mirce Science Limited.

Article 2:
The purpose for which the Akademy is hereby constituted shall be to engage in scientific, educational, training, literary and professional endeavours related to the development and application of MIRCE Science.

Article 3:
MIRCE Science is a theory of the motion of a functionable system through MIRCE Space, govern by natural and human actions, used to compute expected measurable work and resources required. 

Article 4:
The ethos of the Akademy shall be based on the highest level of ethical and scientific integrity, objectivity and rigour.

Article 5:
There shall be a President of the Akademy who will be responsible for all of its activities. The first President shall be its Founder, Dr Jezdimir Knezevic.

Article 6:
Scientific endeavours shall be advanced through the science based research methods conducted or supported by the Akademy.

Article 7:
Educational endeavours shall be disseminated through Master and Doctoral Diploma Programmes delivered or accredited by the Akademy. 

Article 8:
Literary endeavours shall be focused on various types of publications originated or produced by the MIRCE Akademy.

Article 9:
Professional endeavours shall be promoted globally, to individuals and organisations, through a Membership Scheme created and administered by the Akademy.

Article 10:
The Akademy shall, at its discretion, recognise individuals who made a significant contribution to the achievement of its purpose through a Fellowship Award Scheme.

Article 11:
There shall be a Council of Fellows, which alone shall have the power to decide conclusively whether all activities of the Akademy are performed in accordance with this Constitution.

Article 12:
The Akademy shall create such operational environment where employees, fellows, members, students and visitors shall be able to maximise their potentials.

On this 26th day of March in the year 1999