"MIRCE Science - a theory of the motion of functionability through life of a working system type caused by natural and human actions, used for Modelling In-service, Reliability, Cost & Effectiveness. Dr J. Knezevic, 1999

List of currently available Short Courses in MIRCE Engineering delivered at the Akademy or in-house, with not fixed dates is in the table below:

  Course Information Days Cost *
Reliability Engineering and Analysis (an overview)  download 3 £950.00 
Supportability Engineering and Analysis (an overview)  download 3 £950.00 
Maintainability Engineering and Analysis (an overview)  download 3 £950.00 
Mean Time Between Failures - MTBF download 3 £950.00
Mean Time To Repair - MTTR download 3 £950.00
Mean Time To Support - MTTS download 3 £950.00
Life Cycle Cost and Economic Analysis  download 3 £950.00
Monte Carlo Simulation for Engineers and Managers down;load 3 £950.00
Maintenance Cost Prediction  download 3 £950.00 
Support Cost Prediction download 3 £950.00
Human Error Analysis for Maintenance  download 3 £950.00
Simplified Technical English -STE  download 3 £950.00 
Failure Data  Analysis -MIRCE Software Package  download 3 £950.00
Polymeres: Failures, Reliability and Durability  download 3 £950.00
Composites: Failure Mechanisms, Reliability and Durability Analysis  download 3 £950.00
Condition Monitoring Fundamentals  download 3 £950.00
Thermography: Failure Detection, Inspection and Prediction Methods  download 3 £950.00
Spares Planning, Management and Obsolesence  download 3 £950.00

Unless special exemption exists, under UK Customs and Excise regulations delegates from all countries are required to pay UK VAT @ 20 % on all courses taking place in the UK. Non-UK delegates may be able to recover VAT incurred via the relevant tax authority in the country of origin of the delegate

Please contact us to fix the date of the course.

Once you have obtained a date for the course of your choice from MIRCE Akademy, please download  and complete a  Booking Form for each participant and return it by -