"MIRCE Science is a theory of the motion of working systems through MIRCE Space, caused by any functionability action whatsoever, used for Managing In-service Reliability, Cost & Effectiveness. Dr J. Knezevic, 1999

 Annals of MIRCE Science

Purpose: To enable Fellows, Members, students and followers of the MIRCE Akademy to exchange their knowledge, thoughts and experience related to philosophy, mathematics, science, engineering, technology and management aspects of MIRCE Science. 

The following types of original contributions are welcome:

• Presentations of the research results related to all aspects of MIRCE Science
• Applications of existing MIRCE Science knowledge 
• Observational knowledge that could be beneficial for further developments of MIRCE Science 
• Reports, book reviews and short news that are of a general benefit to MIRCE Science


Potential authors please send you contributions to MIRCE.Akademy@gmail.com 

Papers published in 2024:

Knezevic, J., Space Weather as a Mechanism of Motion of Autonomous Trains in MIRCE Science (to open)

Jeftic, L., Knezevic, J., Pre-determined Debris Avoidance Maneuvers (PDAMs) as Mechanism of Motion of International Space Station through MIRCE Space (to open)